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>(CJ) Are you sure it's the other people who are "deaf" ?? I hope you you use 
>good sense and do not damage your hearing.....think of all those people
>listening to rap in their cars at 120 dB or more and ask yourself what their
>hearing will be like 10 or 20 years from now....will they be able to hear
>their childrens' or grandchildrens' first words ??

  i see that i will not be disappointed in this forum either.

cj, (and anyone else that has an issue with sheer SPL) there's loud and
beautiful, and there's loud and nasty.  120dB in car can be perfectly
enjoyable.  so can 130.  how about 130dB of a 427 @ 8000 rpm?  that's music to

you obviously don't get off on loud music, but there are people that do.  some
folks want to be enveloped in the sound, in the fury, in the madness, in the
joy.  loud music literally moves you; it displaces you physically.  it demands
your undivided attention.

come on now, have you ever had the experience of having 600W of power under
your right hand?  how can you honestly comment, even go so far as to critique
what i am doing without knowing it yourself?

like having a fast car, you don't drive it flat out all day.  sometimes it's
just knowing that it's there if you need it, and sure enough, sometimes, you
need it.

i hate to pull my own chain here, but it's not exactly an EASY amp to play
with.  obviously it demands a certain level of expertise just to control.  it's
not all about mega-gain-distortion... my distorted sound is best described as
crunchy, and i have a clean sound that's VERY clean (i use it in just about
every song).

look at it this way, i USED to use a crest vs900 bridged into a 4 ohm load, and
clip it all over the place (well, "automatic gain control" limited it). this
was good for 1100w.  from everything i had learned it takes about twice the SS
power to emulate the dynamics of a tube amp, so i shot for that.  the baga
blows the 1.1KW completely out of the water.  it's silly.

i really should stop thinking people will understand me, or my motives.
perhaps i am simply not the person you are.

i mean, what do you think of me?  do you think i'm some pimple-faced arrogant
idiot youth who bashes away at an out-of-tune guitar through a monstrous amp
with a hideous tone to the chagrin--nay, PAIN and DAMAGE even!--of people i
forcibly subject?


my meanings come from within.  i express them through music, through an
instrument i've played for over a decade, through a rig i've touched every
component of--conceived and built myself with all the love and insanity i could

you gonna stand there and tell me i'm crazy?  go ahead.  people still like to
hear what the crazy guy has to play.



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